March 31st, 2015 Movie – Terror Of Mechagodzilla

godzilla 15 - terror of mechagodzilla

I wonder what it feels like to know that the movie you wrote was responsible for the end of an era for a movie franchise. That is pretty much happened with today’s movie. A direct sequel to 1974’s Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla, this movie was the least commercially successful out of the entire Godzilla series. After the poor showing in theaters, Toho Studios decided to put any future Godzilla movies on hold for the time being. It would be 9 years before we would get a new Godzilla movie, and it is all because of today’s movie, Terror Of Mechagodzilla.

The plot: An Interpol submarine is searching for the remains of Mechagodzilla when they come under attack by a giant dinosaur. Interpol investigates the incident and, with the help of a marine biologist named Akira Ichinose, they learn of Shinzo Mafune, a reclusive scientist who had written about a dinosaur living in the area. When Akira and Jiro Murakoshi, an Interpol agent, go to Mafune’s house, they meet Katsura, Mafune’s daughter, who tells them that Shinzo Mafune is dead. However, Shinzo is still alive, and has allied himself with the simian aliens from the third planet of the black hole in the hopes of getting revenge on the people that called him a fraud. Mafune does not want to wait for the aliens timeframe and has Titanosaurus attack Yokosuka. Learning of Titanosaurus’ weakness to high frequency sonar waves, Interpol has developed a weapon to use against it, but Katsura sabotages the weapon before seemingly being killed while Godzilla arrives to battle Titanosaurus. Later, the alien leader has Katsura’s body repaired and places the control mechanism for Mechagodzilla within her chest. Akira goes to Mafune’s house to pay his respects to Katsura and winds up being captured by the aliens. There he learns that not only is Mafune still alive, but that Katsura is actually a cyborg. The aliens and Mafune send Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus out to attack Tokyo but Godzilla arrives to try and stop them but is overpowered by the two monsters. Interpol manages to get their sonar weapon working and uses it to incapacitate Titanosaurus, leaving Godzilla free to battle Mechagodzilla. At the same time, Jiro leads a squad of Interpol agents to Mafune’s house, where they manage to rescue Akira and kill several of the aliens, as well as Mafune himself. Katsura manages to regain some of her lost humanity and shoots herself in order to destroy Mechagodzilla’s control module. With the control module destroyed, Godzilla is easily able to defeat his mechanical counterpart and then turns his attention to Titanosaurus. With the help of Interpol’s weapon, Godzilla defeats Titanosaurus and returns to the sea in triumph.

This wasn’t the worst movie ever but I won’t say it is a good movie. The plot jumped all over the place and did get as little confusing at times. The aliens were given some of the stupidest headgear I have ever seen. They also changed their appearance and the way they were revealed, just using a mask instead of special effects and no longer looking like apes. Titanosaurus and Mechagodzilla both looked great, but some of the Godzilla suits when he is in the water just looked horrible. The monster battles were worth watching, but it is too bad that they were only a small portion of the movie.

The last Showa era Godzilla movie is worth watching in order to finish the series, but not so much as a stand alone movie.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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