March 26th, 2015 Movie – All Monsters Attack (a.k.a. Godzilla’s Revenge)

godzilla 10 - godzillas revenge

In the span of a day, we go from my favorite Godzilla movie to my least favorite one. This was yet another attempt to make a more “kid friendly” Godzilla, I guess to help market it to more people. From the use of a lot of stock footage to the plot revolving around dreams, this really was a weird movie. The fact that all of this revolved around a little kid really makes me think two things; Toho rushed a movie to try and capitalize on the success of Destroy All Monsters, and that they were trying to use the movie model that the Gamera films employed. But feel free to judge for yourselves while I review today’s movie, All Monsters Attack (a.k.a. Godzilla’s Revenge)

The plot: Ichiro Miki is a highly imaginative kid who always comes home to an empty an apartment since both of his parents are working. His only friends are his next door neighbor, a toymaker named Shinpei Inami, and a female classmate, Sachiko. Ichiro is tormented everyday by a gang of bullies led by Sanko Gabara so he dreams that he is able to go to Monster Island and visit all the monsters there. On Monster Island, Ichiro witnesses Godzilla battling some Kamacuras and then Ebirah before Ichiro is chased by a Kamacuras. Ichiro falls into a cave and is rescued by Minilla, who befriends Ichiro due to them both being bullied someone named Gabara. Ichiro is woken up by Shinpei and goes outside to play, where he again is bullied by Gabara. Ichiro winds up playing in an abandoned factory, where he finds a wallet with someone driver’s license inside. Ichiro leaves the factory but is witnessed by two bank robbers, who plan on kidnapping him to get the license back. Back home, Ichiro dreams his way back to Monster Island, where he meets up with Minilla to watch Godzilla fight Ebirah, Kumonga, and some jets. Gabara shows up and Minilla fights him briefly before running away in fear. While Godzilla shows up to teach Minilla how to use his atomic ray, Ichiro is woken up when the bank robbers grab him and take him back to the factory. Held captive by the robbers, Ichiro falls back asleep and watches Gabara and Minilla fight again and eventually, Ichiro is able to help Minilla beat Gabara. Godzilla shows up to congratulate Minilla and winds up being attacked by Gabara, but Godzilla easily beats the other monster. Back in the real world, Ichiro is able to use what he learned in his dreams to outwit the robbers and get away. The next day, Ichiro is able to stand up to the bullies and finally able to make friends with them after he pulls a prank on a billboard painter.

I will admit it, this is my least favorite of the Godzilla movies. I will admit that the plot wasn’t that bad, as far as the human side of things went. I just didn’t like how they tried to make a feature film out of it. This could have been a TV special or something and it would have been fine. The majority of the monster scenes were taken from previous Godzilla movies, mostly Son Of Godzilla Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster. The new scenes involving Gabara were ok, although I thought the monster itself was ridiculous. The whole bit with Ichiro out smarting the bank robbers makes me think this movie was an influence for Home Alone. Another thing I did not like was the ending of this movie. Ichiro standing up to the bullies was fine, but when he pulled the prank on the billboard painter, exactly what kind of message is that supposed to be sending. Stand up to your bullies but then do exactly what they wanted so you can be friends with them? That was ridiculous.

So this is somewhat marketed to be a kid’s movie, but you might want to think twice about some of the messages in it.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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