March 24th, 2015 Movie – Son Of Godzilla

godzilla 08 - son of godzilla

Why did this happen. Why did Toho Studios try to humanize Godzilla. Is it because they felt threatened by Gamera somewhat and decided to make their signature monster appear more kid friendly? Or is this just an attempt to truly make Godzilla appear to be a hero. Whatever the reason, today’s movie is definitely in a lighter tone than the previous movies. No cities being destroyed. No army to fight. Sure there are a couple of new monsters to fight, but for the most part this movie is simply about Godzilla playing the role of a single parent. So without further ado, here is today’s movie, Son Of Godzilla.

The plot: A group of scientist are on Solgel Island conducting experiments in controlling the weather when they are interrupted by the arrival of reporter Goro Maki. Goro manages to convince the scientists to let him stay and cover their experiments in exchange for doing the cooking for the group. However, the island has it’s share of mysteries as large mantises are seen on the island and Goro spies a young girl swimming in a nearby lagoon. As the scientists conduct their first test, a mysterious signal interrupts it, resulting in the test detonating prematurely and unleashing a radioactive storm on the island. After the storm passes, the group discover that the mantises, which Goro names Kamacuras, have now grown to giant size and have unearthed a large egg, which hatches to reveal a baby Godzilla. Responding to the cries of the newly hatched baby, Godzilla arrives on the island to rescue it, killing two of the Kamacuras and sending the third one flying off. Meanwhile, Goro falls into a cave and discovers Saeko, the girl he had seen earlier. After talking to her, he learns that she has been living on the island for years, having accompanied her father as he studied a giant spider named Kumonga. A few days later, the majority of the scientific team have become sick and Saeko goes out to get some herbs to help them recover but is attacked by Kamacuras. Saeko is rescued by Minilla but during the battle, Minilla accidentally wakes up Kumonga. Kumonga goes after Saeko and Goro, eventually trapping all of the humans in Saeko’s cave. Attracted to all the noise, Minilla arrives to help but winds up getting captured by Kumonga, as does the last Kamacuras. Kumonga injects Kamacuras with his venom and prepares to do the same to Minilla but Godzilla arrives and begins battling Kumonga. Meanwhile, the humans manage to make contact with a rescue ship and decide to use their weather controlling experiment to freeze the island and cover their escape. As snow begins to cover the island, Godzilla and Minilla defeat Kumonga and then huddle together to hibernate as the snow piles around them.

I know that some people feel that this is a good movie in the series, but personally, I am not one of them. Most of that stems from one reason. I can’t stand Minilla. It looks more like the son of the Michelin Man than Godzilla. To be honest, it looks more like Baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs than anything else. I know having Minilla around was to make Godzilla more kid friendly but I think it was a stupid reason. I will say that Minilla is at least better than Godzooky. Aside from Minilla, there were a couple of other problems with this movie. The plot was pretty weak and the characters were pretty one dimensional. The Kamacuras looked pretty cheap in design and although Kumonga did look better, it still wasn’t a good monster. There were several times where you could see the strings involved in moving the monsters, particularly with the just hatched Minilla. I will say this, if you want to introduce your kids to Godzilla, this is a good movie to start with.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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