March 22nd, 2015 Movie – Invasion Of Astro-Monster (a.k.a. Godzilla Vs Monster Zero)

godzilla 06 - invasion of astro-monster

Sometimes one scene, for better or worse, can wind up being the most memorable scene of a movie. You see, I think this movie was responsible for many critics panning a lot of the Godzilla movies from the Showa era. I am not saying the whole movie is bad. But there is one scene, that stupid dancing scene, that just goes over the top in being ridiculous. Still, they won’t always be a movie with an epic story to tell and it is an entertaining movie so let’s all enjoy today’s movie, Invasion Of Astro-Monster (a.k.a. Godzilla Vs Monster Zero).

The plot: Astronauts Fuji and Glenn are on a special mission to the newly discovered planet, Planet X. When they arrive on the planet, the soon discover that a race of beings called the Xiliens living underneath the surface. While they are in the Xilien city, they witness King Ghidorah attacking the surface of the planet and learn that King Ghidorah is the reason the Xiliens are forced to live underground. The Xilien controller asks the two astronauts for the use of Godzilla and Rodan to battle King Ghidorah and in exchange, they will be given a tape that has the cure to all diseases. Upon returning to Earth, they relay the news to their superiors before they go to dinner with Fuji’s sister Haruno and her inventor boyfriend Tetsuo, whom Fuji does not approve of. The next day, three Xilien saucers appear on Earth and after meeting with members of the Japanese government, they locate Godzilla and Rodan and take them to Planet X. Once on the planet, Godzilla and Rodan do battle with King Ghidorah and manage to drive it away. Meanwhile, Fuji and Glenn are exploring the Xilien base and discover several women that look just like Glenn’s girlfriend, Namikawa. Upon arriving back on Earth, Fuji and the government officials learn that the Xilien’s lied as the tape contained demands for the Earth to surrender to the Xiliens or they will destroy the Earth with Godzilla, Rodan, and King Ghidorah. Meanwhile, Glenn has gone to confront Namikawa, where she tells him that she is a Xilien spy but since her feelings for him caused her to betray her race, she is killed by the Earth’s Xilien commander and Glenn is imprisoned with Tetsuo, who had been captured earlier. Finding a note from Namikawa that mentions the Xiliens weakness to sound, Tetsuo uses his invention, a panic alarm, to incapacitate the guards and the two men make their escape. At the same time, Fuji and Dr. Sakurai figure out how the Xiliens are controlling the monsters and find a way to cut off their control. Glenn and Tetsuo manage to get all of the TV and Radio stations to broadcast the sound his device makes which causes the Xiliens to experience massive malfunctions and destroy themselves, while Fuji’s team use their device to free the monsters from the Xiliens control. When the monsters revive, they begin battling each other again ending when all three monsters wind up toppling off a cliff into the ocean, with King Ghidorah eventually surfaces and flies away.

This is a good movie to watch in this series for a couple of reasons. The actors were pretty good in their roles and the human elements of the story actually were a main part of the movie so it worked out well when mixed with the monster battles. This was also the first time that aliens try to take over the world, a theme that would be used in several other movies. The suits for the monsters were pretty good, especially the suit for Rodan, which was the best one from any of his appearances in the Godzilla series. The special effects for this movie were pretty good and the plot actually made sense for a Godzilla film. The only problem I have with this movie…..IS THAT STUPID DANCE THEY HAD GODZILLA DO. After Godzilla and Rodan chase off King Ghidorah on Planet X, Godzilla winds up jumping up and down for joy. I honestly think that was added to help make Godzilla seem more “kid-friendly”.

In spite of my raging over the dancing scene, this is still a good movie that is worth giving a shot.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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