March 15th, 2015 Movie – Gnaw: Food Of The Gods 2

gnaw food of the gods 2

Ok, So I might have goofed in my placement of this movie. This is a sequel, albeit in name only, to the 1976 movie Food Of The Gods. So this should have been placed in the F’s in my collection. However, since I don’t have the first movie, I chose to place this in the G’s, since the title starts with the letter G. In retrospect, it was a somewhat stupid decision on my part and I have since filed this under the proper letter. However, let’s forget about my slight lapse in judgement on where this movie should be filed, and instead focus on the fact that today I am watching Gnaw: Food Of The Gods 2.

The plot: Dr. Neil Hammond receives a call from his former mentor who asks for his help regarding a young boy named Bobby, who she had treated with an experimental serum and has now grown taller than an adult and is becoming extremely violent. Neil takes a sample of the serum back to his lab at the university but refuses to test it on animals, choosing to test it on plants instead. At the same time, a group of animal rights activists trash the lab of Prof. Edmund Delhurst, a colleague¬†at the university who had been supposedly working on a cure for cancer but is actually working on a cure for baldness. When Neil’s assistant Joshua brings in some rats to test the serum on, the activists break into Neil’s lab. However, one of the rats had already grown to giant size and killed Mark, the leader of the group, and escapes along with the rest of the rats. Now the rats begin attacking other people and while the police begin to realize how big the problem is, the university’s Dean refuses to close the school. Edmund steals a sample of the serum from Neil’s lab and tests it on Neil’s pet rat Louise as well as some cancer cells but Edmund cuts his finger on the slide and he winds up dying when his body becomes riddled with fast growing tumors. Neil manages to make an antidote but before he can use it, the rats attack the swimming competition at the new sporting complex and kill several people, including the Dean. Neil uses Louise to lure the rats out into the courtyard where the police are able to kill all of the giant animals.

As bad as the first movie was, it is 50/50 on this one being worse. The actors were terrible although there were a few times that the managed to make it up to simply awful. The plot itself is definitely weak, as the first movie was based on the works of H.G. Wells and this was a poorly written original work. The effects were definitely a step up from the original, but they still looked pretty cheap considering when it was made. All in all, if you want to watch a movie about a bunch of rats, there are better movies to choose from.

So unless you want to watch a sequel to the first movie, then you probably should skip this movie.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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