March 11th, 2015 Movie – Gigantic (A Tale Of Two Johns)

gigantic (a tale of two johns)

A little known fact, my first introduction to They Might Be Giants was not through my friend Paul. It was actually a few month’s earlier during a summer trip with my church’s youth group. However, I will say that Paul is probably the biggest fan of the band that I know. So when a documentary came out about this band, I knew that he would be one of the first to own it. What I did not expect was for him to get me a copy (it was either a birthday or Christmas present). So let’s go ahead and get to watching today’s movie, Gigantic (A Tale Of Two Johns). So this is a documentary about the band, They Might Be Giants, which primarily consists of John Flansburgh and John Linnell. It talks about how the first met and became friends and then went on to form a musical duo. Showing footage from some of their earlier performances as well as talking about a variety of subjects from problems with record labels to how much influence each member has on the finished product, this really is a great DVD to have if you are a fan of the band.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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