March 10th, 2015 Movie – The Giants Of Rome

the giants of rome

Ok. Now this makes no sense. Can anyone tell me how a movie about Julius Caesar’s Rome belongs in the Classic Sci-Fi collection? Is there some sort of hidden definition I am not aware of that makes the Roman Legion be considered sci-fi? I honestly think that the producers of this collection were running short of movies that they wanted to include and decided to just go by titles in the hope that they would fit in. Oh well. Might as well get this over with and watch today’s movie, The Giants Of Rome.

The plot: During Julius Caesar’s campaign of Gaul, he sends his four bravest warriors, Claudius Marcellus, Castor, Germanicus, and Varus, on a mission to destroy the secret weapon of the Druids before Caesar arrives with his army. The four men, accompanied by a young man named Valerius, manage to sneak behind enemy lines but soon find themselves captured by the Gauls and placed in a cell next to two other captured Romans, a noblewoman named Livilla and Drusus, the last of her army escorts. Claudius is tortured for information about Caesar’s plans but he refuses to answer and later that night, the six Romans manage to escape. After fighting with the guards, they manage to find a hiding spot in some nearby catacombs, but when Valerius goes outside to see if anyone is still chasing them, he is captured, tortured, and left for dead on a crucifix. The remaining party continue on with the mission and, although they lose Germanicus and Drusus, manage to make it to where the secret weapon, a giant catapult, is located. Claudius sends Livilla back to warn Caesar while the three men attempt to destroy the weapon. Castor and Varus sacrifice their lives in order to buy Claudius the time necessary to destroy the machine and as Caesar’s legions arrive into battle, Claudius and Livilla are reunited as Caesar proclaims they can head back to Rome where they can be wed.

Surprisingly, this was actually a good movie. The actors all did a good job in their roles and there was a decent amount of character development among the main actors. The plot actually seemed pretty well written and the action moved pretty seamlessly. The effects were ok considering when this was made and pretty simplistic as it mostly consisted of various sword fighting and battle scenes. All in all, this was a good movie that should never have been included in a collection of science fiction movies, but I am kind of glad that it was.

If you want to watch a movie centered around Julius Caesar before his assassination, then you should give this a try.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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