Flashback Review: February 5th, 2014 Movie – Abominable


Well I finally finished with the movie titles that start with numbers and actually entered into the alphabet. Lucky me that the first movie in the alphabet for me is a bigfoot movie. I have always been fascinated with stories and movies about legends such as bigfoot or Nessie. I think a lot of it is the mystery on whether these creatures actually existed back in the day. Today’s movie, Abominable, is also the last movie that Paul Gleason (of Breakfast Club fame) filmed, although there were two movies released after his death that he filmed material for.

The plot: Preston Rogers, a former mountain climber who is now bound to a wheelchair after an accident, is returning to his mountain cabin as part of his therapy. His peaceful rest is soon interrupted by a group of five girls (Amanda, Karen, C.J., Tracy, and Michelle) who have come to the cabin next door to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Karen. When Karen steps outside her cabin to make a phone call, Preston witnesses something carry Karen off into the woods. He tries to warn the other girls, as well as alert the police, but they don’t believe him. Preston sees a sasquatch drag Tracy through the bathroom window, and tries to get his nurse, Otis, to see the creature but when he doesn’t see it, Otis tries to sedate Preston but is instead sedated by Preston. The sasquatch breaks into the girl’s cabin and begins to kill the other girls but Amanda manages to make it over to Preston’s cabin. Preston and Amanda make plans to rappel off the balcony and get to his car but the creature breaks into the house and grabs Amanda. Otis wakes up and attacks the creature with an Axe but it does not kill him and the creature bites Otis’s skull in half. Preston and Amanda manage to make it to the car but the creature lift’s the rear of the car to halt their movement before letting go and sending it crashing forward, ejecting Amanda from the car. Preston manages to distract the sasquatch by using the car horn and when it was behind the car, put the car in reverse and manged to pin the beast between the car and a tree until it finally died. As the police and paramedics arrive to take Preston and Amanda away, the rest of the bodies, as well as the creature itself, have disappeared and when the police go looking for it, the see the eyes of several more creatures peering at them through the trees.

This was a decent movie, although a little heavy on the gore and the critics apparently agree as it has a 62% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Matt McCoy (Preston) and Haley Joel (Amanda) were both pretty good in their roles. Christien Tinsley was also great as the sarcastic nurse, Otis. Paul Gleason, although only in a few scenes, played his typical character. I did find it funny how many Breakfast Club references revolved around his character.The plot was actually pretty good and so were the effects which was surprising for a B movie. I really only had two problems with this movie. One was the overuse of gore, which I thought was not necessary at times. When the sasquatch kills one of the girls by stomping on her, you didn’t need to see her guts flying out of her sides, you could have just shown soe blood coming out of her mouth to indicate some internal bleeding. The other problem I had was the differing sizes that the sasquatch seemed to be. There were obviously several sasquatch, as proven at the end of the movie, but they all seemed to be different sizes. Some seemed to be a little bit larger than a man, which is the reported normal height for the creatures. But then you had one that was tall enough to grab a girl from a second story window, and some that were taller than the trees in the forest. That was just stupid looking and honestly started to make me tune out the rest of the movie. Aside from those faults, it was a fun movie to watch.

So if you are in the mood for a movie about everyones favorite hairy cryptid, then give this a shot.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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