March 5th, 2015 Movie – Ghostbusters 2

ghostbusters 2

Sometimes a movie comes out and that is intended to be a one-off movie and it is one of the best movies you have ever seen. But then the studio gets greedy and wants to cash in on the popularity of said movie so they want to make a sequel to it. Sure the writers or actors may not want to do it at first, but this is Hollywood, and eventually, it will almost always the movie will get made. The sad thing is, that almost every time that this happens, the movie is not as good as the original, sometimes it is not even close. That is the case with today’s movie, Ghostbusters 2.

The plot: After saving the city from Gozer, The Ghostbusters were sued for the property damage that was caused and as a result of the lawsuit, forced to stop being paranormal investigators and so they went their own ways. 5 years later, Dana Barrett is out with her son, Oscar, when an unknown force takes control of Oscar’s baby carriage and guides it into the middle of traffic. Dana asks Egon for help, with Ray and Peter tagging along, and their investigation leads them to illegally excavate along First Avenue, where they discover a river of pink slime flowing through an abandoned transit line. Unfortunately, they cause a blackout and are taken to court for breaking their restraining order, but when the slime reacts to the judge’s angry comments and releases the ghosts of two previous convicts, the judge rescinds the restraining order, allowing The Ghostbusters to stop the ghosts. Now back in business, they discover that there is an upswing in paranormal activity and that it is connected to the slime, which feeds on emotions. They also make a connection from the slime to a museum painting of Vigo the Carpathian, a 16th century tyrant and magician. The Ghostbusters try to tell the mayor their theories but he dismisses them and the mayor’s assistant has them committed. Meanwhile, Vigo has possessed Dana’s boss Janosz and commands that he bring a child for Vigo to be reborn into. Janosz takes Oscar to the museum, with Dana chasing after them, and Vigo has the slime cover the museum in an impenetrable shell. As more ghost begin appearing in the city, the mayor orders The Ghostbusters to be released but they are unable to break through the shell. Realizing that they need some positive emotions to counteract the evil infusing the slime, they use some positive charged slime that they collected to cause the Statue Of Liberty to move, causing a surge of goodwill from the citizens of New York, which enables the Ghostbusters to smash through the shell and stop Vigo from completing his plans.

Ghostbusters 2 had pretty mixed reviews from the critics, only earning a 51% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While many critics were positive about the effects, they tended to comment about the lack of anything new with the plot. Ghostbusters 2 would earn over $215 million worldwide, which was about $80 million less than it’s predecessor did. A large part of this was due to the marketing for the film as there was a lot of merchandising tie-ins related to the film.

Let me go ahead and say it, this movie was nowhere close to being as good as the first one. However, I did think that this was an entertaining movie. All of the principal actors were brought back and played their roles as good as they did in the first one. I did like the addition of Kurt Fuller to the movie as he did what he does best, playing the corporate/political villain. The special effects were just as good as the first movie. The only thing I had a problem with was the same thing the critics did; the story was pretty weak. I thought the idea of “mood slime” was completely stupid. Add to that the whole, “coat the Statue Of Liberty in slime so she can walk” gimmick and it almost killed the movie for me. But, there were enough entertaining moments for me to laugh at so I guess I am not as harsh as some other critics.

So a decent follow up to a great film and it is at least worth watching.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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