March 1st, 2015 Movie – Dogora


Ok, So yesterday I am heading out for a friends birthday dinner/night out and I notice that the mail carrier had dropped a box off on our porch. I don’t think anything about it because there are plenty of times that either myself or my roommate will order stuff online. So I set the box inside and go about my evening. When I wake up this morning, I check the box and see that it is addressed to me. I found this a little odd because while I had ordered some stuff recently, it had all been delivered. So I open the box and there are movies inside. 2 of them are movies I already own but the other 3 are brand new to me. Don’t know who got these movies for me but I am going to enjoy them so let’s get on with today’s movie, Dogora

The plot: Several television satellites have been destroyed in orbit at the same time that some diamonds disappear in the midst of a jewel heist. Scientist discover that the two incidents are related when a strange, jellyfish-like creature appears and is shown absorbing both coal and diamonds. Scientist theorize that the creature gets it’s energy by absorbing carbon, and while it is relatively harmless if it just eats pure carbon such as coal and diamonds, but it will be disastrous if it starts feeding on other things made of carbon, such as people. Dogora feeds on a nearby coal mine and a few hours later, strange crystals begin falling from the sky. When scientist try to find out what happened, they learn that a bunch of bees had been absorbed with the coal and believe that the bee’s poison had killed off a portion of the creature. They begin making a synthetic venom that they can use to destroy the creature and are finally able to end the menace.

This was not your average kaiju movie, and was a rather interesting movie to watch. It honestly seemed to focus more on the police and a group of jewel thieves rather than the monster. The acting was fairly decent and the dubbing wasn’t bad, although there were a few times where it sounded really stupid. It felt a little weird watching this movie because I am used to seeing a guy in a rubber monster suit when I watch a Toho movie. But Dogora was made up using all special effects and those effects were pretty good. So for a free movie, it wasn’t bad.

A jewel heist movie mixed with a giant monster, an interesting movie and worth a watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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