February 24th, 2015 Movie – The Ghost (1963)

the ghost 1963

ITALIAN HORROR MOVIE! ITALIAN HORROR MOVIE! Now that I got the obligatory warning out of the way, I can get onto the review. Now this is another movie from the Chilling Classics box set. I had not heard of this movie before but I had heard of the director so I was definitely curious about this movie. So let’s dive right into today’s movie, The Ghost (1963).

The plot: Dr. John Hitchcock, a wealthy doctor confined to a wheelchair, is allowing his friend, Dr. Charles Livingstone, to use him as a test subject although he really wishes to end his life. However, Charles is the lover of John’s wife, Margaret, and the two have been plotting John’s death so they can steal his fortune. However, when they open the safe, they discover the fortune is missing. At the same time, strange things begin occurring around the house leading them to wonder if Dr. Hitchcock is really dead, or if his ghost has come back for revenge.

So this was more of a suspenseful horror movie rather than slasher horror movie. I am a little disappointed because that totally kills the stereotype I had about Italian Horror movies. Oh well. This was a decent movie but not very original. Barbara Steele was definitely the best actress in this movie, doing a good job in her portrayal of Margaret Hitchcock. The music and lighting in the movie helped set the tone for the movie. The plot was very simplistic and probably would have been more surprising back when this first came out compared to now. I guess that is the problem with watching an older movie after watching similar movies that came out after it was released.

So an older movie that might be worth watching, but don’t be upset if you already know how it ends.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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