February 19th, 2015 Movie – Daimajin


I know, I know. I’ve gone back to the D’s. There is an explanation for this. I mean, obviously I bought some more movies but there is a reason behind this. See, I was talking to my roommate Allison the other day and she had brought up this one movie that she thought was right up my alley (a different movie than this one). I had not heard of the movie she was talking about but after watching the trailer for it on YouTube, I knew I had to get it. So I went ahead and ordered it from Amazon, but it won’t get here until early March. However, I also had a couple of other DVD’s in my Amazon cart so those items wound up shipping, Which brings us to why we are watching today’s movie, Daimajin.

The plot: In medieval Japan, a series of earth tremors cause the villagers to begin praying to their mountain god, Shino. Samanosuke, the chamberlain for Lord Hanabasa, uses the distraction to stage a coup against Hanabasa. Hanabasa and his wife are killed but their children are rescued by Kogenta, a samurai loyal to Hanabasa. Kogenta takes the children to the home of the priestess Shinobu, who takes them up to the forbidden mountain to hide. Ten years later, Samanosuke has become a cruel warlord, using all the available males in the village as slave labor to build his fort. Kogenta goes down to try and find people that are still loyal to Hanabasa so they can overthrow Samanosuke, but winds up being captured by Samanosuke’s men. Tadafumi, Hanabasa’s son, goes to rescue Kogenta but walks into a trap and gets himself captured while Shinobu is murdered by Samanosuke. Samanosuke sends his men to destroy the idol where they discover Kozasa hiding and force her to show them where the idol of Daimajin is. The men begin to drive a giant spike through the head of the idol but when blood begins dripping from the idol, the men become frightened and run away only to be swallowed by the earth. Kozasa decides to pray to Shino to save her brother and Kogenta and Daimajin suddenly comes to life and begins to attack Samanosuke’s castle. After saving the two men and killing Samanosuke, Daimajin begins to attack the villagers but when Kozasa offers her life in exchange for Daimajin to spare everyone, her tears cause the spirit of Daimajin to leave the idol and spare the villagers.

As a fan of giant monster movies, I have heard of this movie plenty of times but never got around to watching it. I have to say, it is a pretty good movie, starting off as a samurai movie then switching to a kaiju movie. The Daimajin monster did not show up until the very end of the movie and was only there for about 15 minutes at most but that did not take away from the movie at all. The plot was pretty simple but well written. The effects were decent in the scenes with Daimajin and a surprisingly good use of green screen for the time.

A different kind of kaiju movie but still worth watching.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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