January 25th, 2015 Movie – Fugitive Alien

fugitive alien

I am starting to see a pattern with some of the sci-fi movies I own. The producers were lazy. They decided to take some episodes from a Japanese TV show, dub them, and edit them together to form one movie. I guess it was cheaper to do this rather than make an actual movie. After all, the only things you would really have to pay for is the voice actors (there probably wouldn’t be as many of them since one actor could do the voices for several characters) , and the editing procedure (which you would have had to do anyways. Today’s movie, Fugitive Alien, ir pretty much the same thing, starting as an American sci novel series from the 60’s, which gets turned into a Japanese TV show in the 70’s, which then gets dubbed into an American movie in the 80’s.

The plot: Ken Shinsei is a member of the Varna Wolf Raiders, a ruthless warrior race. During an attack on the Earth, Ken refuses to kill a woman and her child, killing his own teammate instead. Branded a traitor, Ken escapes but when his spaceship is damaged, he jettisons into space where he is picked up by the crew of the Bakkus 3. After helping the Bakkus 3 escape from the Wolf Raider fleet, Ken is reluctantly forced to join the crew as they head off to help other planets in their dealings against the Wolf Raiders.

So this was entertaining. I’m not going to say it was a great movie because it wasn’t, but there were a lot of things to keep you entertained. The plot was actually pretty good and to be honest, makes me want to go and check out the books that were the basis for the show/movie. The dubbing was also pretty good, with no over the top voices or trying to make the characters seem weirder than they were portrayed on screen. The bad parts of course are the fact that you could tell this was made for TV, and possibly a low budget show at that. While the ships did look good (although possible ripping off star trek a bit) the scenes in space were just poorly shot. It’s a wonder you couldn’t see the strings hanging from the models. The costume designs were a little out there and the beginning scene with the attack on Earth was just funny to watch. That’s probably why this wound up on an episode of MST3K.

So if you want some laughs then give this movie a try

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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