Flashback Review: January 26th, 2014 Movie – 12 Days Of Terror

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First things first, what do you think of the artwork that Joey got for Christmas. My friend Flufffie and myself think it is great. Back to the business at hand, I have some good news and some bad news for you people. The Bad news is that there will be no review of a James Bond movie today. That is due to the fact that Joey has reviewed them all. But the good news is that I get to review another shark movie for all of you. So let’s get on to today’s movie, 12 Days Of Terror.

The plot: Based on one of the most famous series of shark attacks in the US. In 1916, a shark attack occurs off the coast of a New Jersey resort. Alex, a lifeguard from the resort manages to drag the victim out of the water but the man soon dies from the injuries. He tries to convince the hotel manager to close the beach but the manager refuses since the 4th of July weekend would bring in too much money. The hotels try to placate Alex by having more lifeguards on hand but that does not stop a second victim from being attacked during the festivities. A week later, some kids are swimming in a nearby creek when one of them is attacked by a shark. As some men dive into the creek to try and find the boy, one of the men is attacked by the shark. Alex, along with a scientist and his friend, Captain, manage to capture a great white shark which, when human remains were discovered inside it, was determined to be the killer shark.

See, this has been the problem for years. You humans go out swimming and playing in the ocean is like ringing the dinner bell for us sharks. Then when we do what is only natural for us to do, you people panic and all of a sudden, “All Sharks Must Die” becomes the new slogan. Now sharks have been around for millions of years, and they have eaten their fair of humans in that time period. But the 1916 Jersey shark attacks are probably the most famous series of attacks in the US. They are definitely the inspiration for how sharks are portrayed in the media. These attacks were the inspiration for Peter Benchley’s Jaws, and therefore just about every shark movie that has been made since the mid 70’s, including my own,  owes some sort of debt to these attacks.

Now for one of those “based on a true story” type movies, I thought this was pretty good. They definitely did a decent job exploring the theory that it was not just one shark that did all these killings, but rather two different species. Sure the great white gets all the fame, but the bull shark can be just as deadly, especially when you consider that it can swim in fresh water. As far as the actors go, they were ok I guess. I was surprised to see John Rhys-Davies in this movie but I guess he needed something to do after he was done playing a dwarf. The effects were actually pretty decent considering that this was a made for TV movie. All in all, this was a decent shark movie.

So if you want to see a film representation of the inspiration behind Jaws, then feel free to watch this.

Rating: 3 out of 5

12 days of terror


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