December 26th, 2014 Movie – Feardotcom


You know, I am glad that I have matured somewhat in regards to my movie purchasing. Back in the day, if I was at Moviestop or Blockbuster and decided to buy some of their used DVDs, I would just buy whatever I saw that was cheap and might be good. I will admit that I am still guilty of going to Moviestop and doing this, but I am at least a little bit pickier about the movies I buy. But my early days of irresponsibility are how I wound up with today’s movie, Feardotcom.

The plot: NYPD Detective Mike Reilly is investigating a strange death in the subway where the victim was bleeding from his eyes and nose and had a look of fear on his face before he was hit by the train. As more bodies turn up with similar symptoms, he meets Terry Huston, a researcher for the Department Of Health who is investigating the bodies as a possible viral outbreak. After ruling out a virus, they find out that the only thing the victims have in common is a website that they all went too. Both Mike and Terry visit the site and begin experiencing hallucinations due to the images on the screen. But what they soon discover is that the creator of the website is out for revenge against the man who killed her, a man the Mike has been hunting unsuccessfully for years.

Wow, this might be the lowest rated movie I have reviewed so far. It has a 3% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 3%. Obviously the critics hated this movie, claiming it to be an unoriginal mess that is to similar to The Ring but with very few scares. one critic went so far as to say “In a year that has given us some of the worst films of all time, this must surely rank as the worst — and that’s a hard thing to do opposite Master of Disguise.” As for the audience reaction, this was a box office failure, only earning $18.9 million off of it’s $40 million budget.

The way I decide on if a movie is good or not is pretty much based on if it keeps me entertained. While trying to watch this movie, I would wind up falling asleep 3 times, so it obviously failed on that end. The characters were pretty boring and I honestly found myself not caring what happened to either of the two main characters. The plot jumped around a lot between the Mike and Terry’s investigation and what was going on with the killer. There was not much in the way of special effects but I don’t think they would have helped this movie much anyways. I think I will reserve this movie as something to watch when I need help falling asleep.

So if you want to watch a good horror movie, don’t bother with this one.

1/2 out of 5


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