December 17th, 2014 Movie – Extra Terrestrial Visitors

extra terrestrial visitors

You know, I should just go ahead and accept the fact that most of the movies from the Sci-Fi Invasion pack are not going to be great. I mean, judging by the movie poster alone, I can tell that today’s movie is really going to be a high class film. However, since I know that today’s movie was featured on MST3K, I can expect to be laughing at how bad it is. So let’s get on with today’s movie, Extra Terrestrial Visitors.

The plot: Three poachers are hunting in some woods when one of them notices a meteor crash to Earth and goes looking for it. He discovers a glowing cave filled with strange eggs and proceeds to smash them but is attacked by an alien creature before he breaks the last one. A group of people are camping nearby and when one of the girls runs into the creature and fall off a cliff, the rest of her friends grab her and try to find some help. Meanwhile, a young boy named Tommy discovers the cave and takes the egg back to his house where it hatches into a strange creature. As the mother alien continues killing people in the retaliation for it’s broken eggs, Tommy and the alien, who Tommy named Trumpy, make plans to hide so that Trumpy won’t be killed by mistake.

Wow. That’s all I have to say about this movie. So originally, this was supposed to be a straight up horror movie but with the success of E.T. in theaters, the producers wanted to involve a kid and a lovable alien in the film. They honestly should have left that part out. This movie is terrible. It is a Spanish film so the dubbing is just awful at times. The aliens looked like some weird cross of a bear’s body with a deformed elephant’s head. And the kid was the worst. I got so sick of hearing his dubbed voice that I actually muted my television whenever he was on screen. I can understand how this made it onto MST3K but I don’t know if I could even stand watching it under those conditions.

Don’t waste your time. Just don’t.

Rating: 1/2 out of 5


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