December 13th, 2014 Movie – Evil Remains

evil remains

Getting to the end of the letter E and today’s movie is another one from the “Blockbuster going out of business so I will buy a bunch of their movies for cheap” pile. I am amazed by the number of movies I bought back in that time frame. I am also amazed by how many of them I probably would not have bought normally if they hadn’t been cheap. Come to think of it, that really isn’t a good reason to buy a movie. I can’t even blame my friends for this one. This is all on me. So let’s see what I got myself into with today’s movie, Evil Remains.

The plot: Mark is a grad student who is doing research on contemporary myths. He interviews a psychiatrist that was treating Carl Bryce, a teenager that killed his parents 20 years ago. Carl’s body was never found and there is a legend surrounding the house that anyone that trespasses there is driven insane. Mark and his friends decide to go and investigate the house and it’s surrounding area in order to help Mark with his project. But as the tensions start to rise the longer they stay, someone starts picking off the friends one by one and the group must try to find a way to survive.

So this was a pretty boring movie. A lot of talking, some more talking, a little bit of action, more talking. The characters were fairly 2-dimensional with no real depth into their characters. The story itself sounded like it could be promising, but nothing was really cleared up so it was left too open ended to be entertaining. There were one or two decent scenes but all in all, it was just to boring of a movie to keep me entertained.

So I can’t recommend this movie to anyone but it might be enjoyable for someone else.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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