December 11th, 2014 Movie – Army Of Darkness

army of darkness

While the Evil Dead series was already considered a cult classic, this movie here solidified that standing in grand fashion. I couldn’t wait to see this when it came out. Unfortunately, since I was not able to drive myself anywhere at the time, I didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters so I had to wait until it came out on video to watch it. Still, it was worth the wait, so let’s dive right into today’s movie, Army Of Darkness.

The plot: Having been sent back in time to the middle ages, Ash finds himself captured by Lord Arthur, who believes Ash to be a servant of Henry the Red. Ash is taken to Arthur’s castle to face execution by being thrown into a pit with some deadites. Ash manages to fight off the Deadites, escape the pit, and set Henry the Red free before he tries to figure out how he can get back home. The wiseman tells Ash that only the Necronomicon can send him back so Ash is sent to retrieve it, Along the way, Ash is assaulted by an evil force in the form of miniature versions of Ash, one of which is swallowed by Ash so that it can grow into a full sized person. Ash manages to kill his clone and makes it to the cemetery where the Necronomicon is kept, but when he fails to speak the correct words that will release the book, he winds up unleashing an army of the skeletons, with his revived clone as their leader. Now Ash must try to keep the book from the hands of the Deadite army in order to protect the kingdom and get back to his own time.

Critics were actually mixed about this movie, giving it only a 70% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is much lower than the 98% the previous two films earned. Most of them felt that it wasn’t as funny as Evil Dead 2 and that it lacked some originality. As far as the box office goes, it earned a total of $21.5 million worldwide, which was not as much as the original Evil Dead, but still a financial success. But it wasn’t until it was released on video that it truly became the cult classic that it is today.

This is a ridiculously funny movie and definitely one of my favorite comedies to watch. Bruce Campbell was great and had some of the best comedic timing in his scenes with the Deadites. The story and effects were both very well done. One thing I was surprised with was that they focused more on the comedy and took out almost all of the horror aspect in this movie. I’m not saying all the horror was gone, but compared to the previous films, it was definitely toned down a couple of notches. Still, that did nothing to take away from this movie and I still recommend it to everyone who is interested.

So a great way to end a trilogy and well worth watching.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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