December 8th, 2014 Movie – Evil Brain From Outer Space

evil brain from outer space

Oh boy. This is going to be good. Once again, I am watching a movie that was originally a Japanese TV show that was cut and pasted together to make a movie. Last time I watched something like this, it was Attack Of The Super Monsters and that was one of the funniest things I have watched in a long time. Will this movie be as good? I guess I will find out as I watch today’s movie, Evil Brain From Outer Space.

The plot: An evil genius from the planet Zemar named Balazar has managed to preserve his brain after his assassination so that he could not die. Now his followers are trying to help him take over the universe, which includes unleashing monsters on Earth to spread disease. Earth’s only hope is the outer space superhero, Starman to defeat the monsters and the agents on Earth that are controlling them.

This is no Attack Of The Super Monsters, that’s for sure. And while it was entertaining at times, this is not a good movie. So this was originally 3 separate movies that had a total run time of 2 and 1/2 hours in Japan. When it was cut and dubbed for American audiences, it was transformed into a 78 minute movie. That means that half of the footage was cut out for this version. The alien council at the beginning of the movie was some of the funniest looking aliens I have seen in a while. The effects were were laughable, like using jump cuts to make it look like Starman and the monsters were jumping really far. The plot was kind of a mess since three different movies were used, it honestly seemed like some of the characters didn’t belong there.

So if you are really interested in watching this, go for it. But I would honestly pick something else.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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