December 4th, 2014 Movie – Escape From Galaxy 3

escape from galaxy 3

Well what do we have here. It looks like an Italian Sci-Fi movie. Well, this could be good or bad. The fact that it is on the Sci-Fi Invasion DVD set doesn’t mean much as those movies have been a mix of good and bad. Still, the judgement must be made on how good or bad this movie is, and I guess it is up to me to be that judge. This may not be the best of plans, but what choice do I have. So on to today’s movie, Escape From Galaxy 3.

The plot: Oraclon, the King of the Night, has invaded the galaxy ruled by King Ceylon. Ceylon’s forces try to resist but are overwhelmed and the planet is destroyed with the only survivors being Princess Belle Star and her pilot Lithan. With their ship damaged during the escape, they land on a primitive world (Earth), scaring the primitive natives. The natives take the two aliens prisoner and intend to kill them, but when Litham saves a child from dying, the natives release them. While on Earth, Belle Star and Litham learn a variety of things, including sex, but Oraclon finds them and attacks the village in order to draw them out. Belle Star and Litham surrender but as Oraclon is gloating, they manage to vaporize Oraclon and free the imprisoned kings. Belle Star and Litham decide to return to Earth and forego their immortality in order to live in peace and happiness.

First things first, this was not a bad movie. I am not saying that it is a good movie, but it definitely isn’t a bad movie. It was your basic sci-fi outer space movie with all the space ships, lasers, and other elements you would come to expect. Now for the bad parts. One, this movie has been called Star Crash 2 in some countries due to the fact that they used some stock footage of the original Star Crash in this movie. Now one thing I did notice about this movie was that it was a little bit of a exploitation film. From the fact that the “King of the Night” was the only black man in the movie to the fact that his ship is a giant hand that turns into a fist when it is in attack mode. Then we get to the part where Belle and Litham learn about sex. Those scenes were kind of funny in how awkward they were, and of course, there was the obligatory nudity or at least topless scenes.

So if you want to know whether this is a good or bad movie, I will say it is watchable but leave it to the rest of you to decide if you like it.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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