December 2nd, 2014 Movie – Enter The Ninja

enter the ninja

Years ago, back when I was living in Texas, I remember watching some random ninja movie on TV. Fast forward 20 years, and my friend Jason, knowing my love for bad movies, was telling me about this cheesy movie involving ninjas that he had watched and that if I did had not seen it before, I should. As he was describing the movie to me, it sounded vaguely familiar and I wondered if it was the same movie I had seen years ago. Since he had recorded it on his DVR, I watched it and sure enough, it was the same movie and it was just as funny to watch now as it was then. So here is today’s movie, Enter The Ninja.

The plot: After completing his training in ninjutsu, Cole heads to the Philippines to visit his old war buddy Frank Landers. Frank and his wife Mary Ann have been having problems with a group of thugs scaring off the workers from their farmland. Cole helps deal with the thugs and learns that they are taking orders from a man named Charles Venarius, a wealthy CEO who wants the property for the oil deposits underneath it. After the repeated defeats of his men by Cole, Venarius has his aide hire Hasegawa, a rival ninja from the same school that Cole studied at. Hasegawa kills Frank and kidnaps Mary Ann in order to force Cole into a final confrontation with both Venarius and Hasegawa.

This is definitely one of those movies that is so bad, it is good, which is probably why I like it. Frank Nero (Cole) looked so awkward doing some of the martial arts moves. At least Sho Kosugi (Hasegawa) would make up for Nero’s deficiencies with much better skill in the martial arts, although he had the creepiest laugh when he was attacking Frank and Mary Ann. The pacing was rather jerky. The dialogue was terrible. The film was set in the Philippines and yet you had a bunch of Mexicans as the farm labor. There really was a lot of things wrong with this movie. And that is why it is fun to watch because you will laugh a lot while watching this movie. The best part of this movie for me was Christopher George (Venarius). The final scene with him just yelling out “Ninja” over and over was funny. Plus, he has one of my favorite death scenes out of all the movies I have watched.

So if you want to watch a martial arts movie that was not meant to be a comedy, but will have you laughing none the less, then you should watch this movie.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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