November 28th, 2014 Movie – The Emperor’s New Groove

emperors new groove

You know what is surprising? This is my first Disney animated movie. I have watched some animated movies before today but this is the first Disney one. Which is surprising because I like Disney’s animated movies. Oh well. The first time I saw this movie was after it had come out on DVD. My roommate Emily wanted to buy it so we decided to go to the 2-story Target in Buckhead. We picked up the DVD, but realizing how cool the cart escalator thing was, grabbed a cart to put the DVD in just so we had an excuse to use the cart escalator to go up and down the two floors. Silly, I know, but it was a lot of fun and made watching that movie even funnier. So here is today’s movie, The Emperor’s New Groove.

The plot: The young emperor Kuzco, a selfish, spoiled teenager who cares only about himself, finds himself turned into a llama by his former advisor Yzma and her servant Kronk. To become a human again, Kuzco must get to Yzma’s secret lab and find the potion that will change him back. His only hope to make it back to the palace is with the help of Pacha, a local village leader. But Pacha refuses to help unless Kuzco cancels his plans of destroying the village in order to build a summer palace. Kuzco must find a way to convince Pacha to help him turn back into a human before Yzma and Kronk hunt them down and finish the job of killing Kuzco.

Critics were mostly positive about this movie, giving it a 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Many considered it one of Disney’s better films from the Post-Renaissance era (after 1999). It earned $169 million worldwide, which was a little bit lower than some of Disney’s early films from the late 90’s. But it made up for it when it was released on DVD, becoming the top selling home video release in 2001.

I love this movie. It is such a funny movie to watch. I am not a David Spade fan but I would be hard pressed to find someone better to voice Kuzco. John Goodman was good as Pacha and the dynamic between him and Spade seemed very natural. But the best part of this movie was definitely Kronk, played by Patrick Warburton. He had some of the funniest lines and scenes in the entire movie. All in all, there are very few things about this movie that aren’t funny.

So if you really want some laughs, then you definitely should watch this movie.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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