November 27th, 2014 Movie – Embrace Of The Vampire (1995)

embrace of the vampire

Another example of an actress shedding her clothes to get rid of her “good girl” image. I remember a lot of hoopla about this movie when it came out. Mainly because of the fact that Alyssa Milano repeatedly goes nude, or at least topless, in this movie. This must have seemed like a dream come true to all of the teenage boys that grew up watching her on Who’s The Boss. But just because someone goes nude, no matter who the star is, does not mean the movie will be good. So let’s see just how good today’s movie, Embrace Of The Vampire (1995) was.

The plot: Charlotte is trying to keep her virginity but is being plagued by dreams of sex involving a mysterious man. The dreams are beginning to have an effect both in her classes, and her relationship with her boyfriend. As the dreams progress, Charlotte not only finds herself changing, but begins seeing the man from her dreams everywhere she goes. She learns that the man from her dreams is a vampire and he believes she is the reincarnation of his past love. If she remains pure for 3 days, he will be able to make her his own and live together in eternal life. Will Charlotte decide to stay with he boyfriend, or continue things with the vampire?

Man, 1995 was definitely the year of Good Girls Gone Bad. You have Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls and Alyssa Milano in this movie. The one thing that both of those movies have in common, aside from the nudity, is that they are both terrible movies. This movie was just terrible. The plot was a mess. The vampire wanted her to remain pure, yet the result of her dreams was to have her act more sexual. While Alyssa Milano did a good job going back and forth between playing the innocent girl one minute and a sexpot the next, the rest of the acting was pretty atrocious. All in all, this really isn’t worth watching.

So if you want to see Alyssa Milano naked, then this is probably the only reason to watch this movie.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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