November 23rd, 2014 Movie – Eegah


Greetings from Nashville. Well, depending on read you are reading this I will either be in Nashville, back in Atlanta, or driving somewhere in between. Since I knew I wouldn’t have time to watch this movie today, I decided to watch it  and write as much of the review as I could last night and then finish it this morning. So, a couple of years ago. a friend of mine showed me IMDB’s list of bottom 100 movies, that is to say the movies that have the lowest ratings on their site. Knowing my penchant for watching these sort of movies, she asked how many I had seen/owned. I have seen quite a few of them but do not own all of the ones I have seen. Today’s movie, Eegah, happens to be one of the ones that I own.

The plot: A young girl named Roxy is driving in the desert when she almost hits a giant but nobody believes her. She goes back with her boyfriend Tom and her father to look for proof and find giant footprints leading into a nearby mountain range. Her father decides to head out and find the giant to try and photograph him but winds up being captured by the giant himself. When her father doesn’t come back, Roxy and Tom go looking for him but Roxy finds herself captured by the giant. Tom manages to rescue Roxy and her father and the all escape from the giant, but the giant manages to track Roxy to a local party where a final confrontation occurs.

Yeh, this definitely can be considered one of the worst movies ever. This was just terrible. The director of the movie also played Roxy’s father and his son played Tom. Tom was basically written as some Elvis wannabe, he was playing a guitar and singing almost as often as he was acting, and he sucked at both. The scenes with Richard Kiel and Marilyn Manning (Roxy) are just awkward to watch. The only redeeming thing about this movie was the fact that we got a funny episode of MST3K out of it.

So if you really want to torture yourself, you can try and watch this. But I would recommend watching the MST3K version of it. That way you won’t have to watch all of the movie.

Rating: 1/2 out of 5


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