November 18th, 2014 Movie – Drive-In Massacre

drive-in massacre

So I was writing my review for this movie last night when I accidentally backed out of the page and boom, all of my work is gone. I had to get some sleep so I just decided to rewrite it today. So today’s movie is yet another one from the Chilling Classics collection. But this was not the first time I saw this movie. I actually watched this movie on my phone a few years ago. I was helping my friend Jason at a BBQ competition and after several hours of drinking and pretending to work (because that is what you are supposed to do at these things), almost everyone was asleep except for me. I decided to watch a couple of movies on my phone and saw this movie was on Youtube so figured “what the hell.” So without further ado, I present to you, Drive-In Massacre.

The plot – During a movie at a L.A. drive-in, 2 people are brutally murdered. Two police detectives are assigned the case and question the owner, Austin, and the custodian, Germy, about the murders and learn of a peeping tom that has been seen on the premises. When a second murder takes place, the police question the peeping tom, Orville, but don’t have any evidence linking him to the murders so they let him go. As the detectives stake out the drive-in, another murder takes place and when they check on Orville, they find that he has been killed as well. As the detectives go to question Austin again, the witness Austin’s murder being projected on the screens and believe Germy to be the killer until they find his dead body in the next room.

For a late 70’s, low budget horror movie, I will saw that it is not the worst movie I have ever seen but that doesn’t mean it was that good either. I did like the idea and I will say that it was an interesting blend of slasher and “who done it” styles, which on paper could have been good. However, the bad acting and train wreck of a plot snuffed out that chance. While it was supposed to help further the plot, the whole scene with the escaped lunatic seemed unnecessary and out of place. And I know it is had a low budget but they still could have done a little bit better with the effects. When your dead bodies look like dummies instead of people, you know you are doing things wrong.

So if you are bored and there is nothing else on, you might want to try this. But I can’t really recommend it.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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