November 16th, 2014 Movie – Drawing Flies

drawing flies

You mean View Askew does other movies aside from the Jay and Silent Bob franchise? Color me shocked. Actually, while they were filming Mallrats, Kevin Smith met the two people who came up with this film and decided to back it. So he, and several members of the cast of Mallrats, went up to Canada and made this movie. That being said, on to today’s movie, Drawing Flies.

The plot: 5 friends(Donner, Az, Meg, Cassidy, and Jake) find them cut off from welfare and unable to afford the rent on their apartment. Donner decides that they should get out of Vancouver and head to his uncle’s cabin in the woods. As the group head deeper into the woods, Donner’s behavior starts becoming more erratic. When Az gets injured, the rest of the group realize that Donner had lied to them about the cabin and he was actually out there to find Sasquatch. Cassidy leaves with Az to get him medical help, while Meg and Jake try to convince Donner to come back with them. In the end, they are forced to leave him and go back on their own.

Not your average View Askew movie. Not your average Bigfoot movie either. Like I said earlier, after Kevin Smith met the people who created the film, he along with several other members of the cast of Mallrats went up to Canada to film it. Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, and Renee Humphrey had starring roles while Kevin Smith, Ethan Suplee, Joey Lawrence Adams, and Scott Mosier had bit parts. The film made the round at film festivals but never really received a theatrical release. Most audiences would never see it until it was released on DVD in 2002.

This was an ok movie at best, but definitely not one I would watch all the time. It was shot in the same style as Clerks so it really had the feel of an independent movie. Being an indy film, you definitely had to deal with the downside, such as some poor editing and overly loud, background noises. At times, the background noises were so loud that they overpowered what the people were saying.The actors were decent but it really seemed like Jason Lee had to carry most of the picture. There was also a creepy scene where Jason Lee was shirtless and dancing with a Sasquatch. You do get some resolution in the fact that you do find out what happened to everyone after the trip, but that is about the only good thing to come of it.

So if you are curious, you might want to watch this movie. But I can’t say I would recommend it for everyone.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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