Flashback Review: January 19th, 2014 Movie – 007: The World Is Not Enough

007 the world is not enough

A suggestion to the people at Eon Studios. When you decide to cast someone for a role, make sure the person you cast will be somewhat believable in that role. It wouldn’t matter if you cast the world’s greatest actor/actress, if the audience doesn’t find the character believable, then they will lose interest in the character, or outright hate him/her, and it will ultimately take away from the movie. But of course, you didn’t think about think about this when you did the casting for The World Is Not Enough and as a result, it has the dubious distinction of being the first Bond film to win a Razzie.

The plot: When British oil tycoon Sir Robert King is killed inside MI6 headquarters, Bond sets out to track down mastermind behind the attack, an ex-KGB agent named Renard. Thinking Renard might go after Robert’s daughter Elektra, whom Renard had kidnapped once before, M assigns Bond to protect Elektra. When Bond learns that Elektra’s head of security is working with Renard, he kills him, then heads to a Russian base ICBM base where American nuclear physicist Dr. Christmas Jones is in charge warhead disarmament. Renard manages to steal the core from one of the bombs and attempts to kill everyone in the silo but Bond and Dr. Jones escape. Now they must stop Renard from detonating a nuclear weapon and succeeding in his plans.

Financially, The World Is Not Enough did rather well, earning $361 million worldwide which made it the highest grossing Bond movie of all time. A large part of this could be due to the fact that MGM had signed a marketing partnership with MTV, where they broadcast 100 hours of Bond related material when the film was released in order to attract the younger audience. With a score of 51% on Rotten Tomatoes, critics were mixed with this film as some called it exciting and inventive while others claim it to convoluted and confusing. And of course, it earned a Razzie. While this was not the first Bond film to be nominated for the dubious honor, it was the first film to receive two nominations and the first one to win the award when Denise Richards received it for Worst Supporting Actress (the other nomination was Brosnan and Richards for Worst Couple).

This was ok for a Bond movie but honestly, I think they showed the best parts of the movie early on. The boat chase was was fast paced and pretty good. The scenes with the para-gliding snow mobiles were funny, but also well done. The saddest part of the movie was the scene where Q says he is leaving the service. Considering that Desmond Llewelyn died about a month after this movie was released, I was glad that they actually wrote out the scene with him leaving/retiring instead of just having a “old Q is dead her is the new guy” scene in the next movie. Then we get to Denise Richards and her character of Dr. Christmas Jones. Ok, this character was bad on soo many levels. First, is the name. I think they honestly gave the character the name “Christmas” because they wanted Bond to use it to make dirty jokes. Second, the job. Now I know that it is not impossible but it does seem improbable that someone as young looking as Denise Richards could have a doctorate in nuclear physics. But this is Hollywood and the scientist get younger every year. Third, the acting. I know she was playing the part of a scientist but during the last half of the movie, it honestly seemed like all she was doing was shouting out big words because they sounded important, and she wasn’t even doing a very convincing job of that.

So the first part of the movie is great, but I honestly don’t know if the last half is worth the effort to set up a lame “Christmas coming” joke.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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