November 4th, 2014 Movie – Doom


Video games really do seem to be great source material for movies. I mean, the basic plot is already there so there wouldn’t be much writing involved. Really all you would need to do is casting and special effects. It doesn’t seem too hard of a concept on paper. So why is it that almost every movie based on a video game has been terrible. Take today’s movie for instance. This could have been a great action/horror/sci-fi movie but instead we get the mess that is…Doom.

The plot: When a research station on Mars is attacked by a strange creature, a squad of marines, led by “Sarge”, are sent on a search and rescue mission to locate survivors. One of the marines, John “Reaper” Grimm, accompanies his sister Samantha so she can recover data from 3 of the labs. The marines manage to find one survivor before they are attacked by a creature and one marine is killed before the creature is brought down. While Samantha exams the creature, she discovers that the creature is a human who has been mutated by a Martian chromosome from the remains of a prehistoric race. As more of the marines are killed by creatures, Sarge decides that all of the creatures, and any humans who might be infected, must die and kills a marine that doesn’t follow his orders. Reaper must try to escape a planet filled with crazed and altered humans, save his sister, and stop Sarge from continuing his crazed orders.

With the potential to be such a great movie, this really did bomb out. It has a rating of 19% on among critics on Rotten Tomatoes, although one critic commented somewhat positively when he said “There’s so little to go wrong that those who like their entertainment mindless and violent will find little fault.” Fans of the video game were disappointed because the movie didn’t follow the story from the game. The film opened with $15.5 million in it’s first week but only grossed just over $28 million domestically and $56 million worldwide. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was nominated for a razzie for his performance.

Doom was such an awesome game when it came out. I remember that we had it on the computers in my A.P. Physics class in high school and we would play it when we had free study days. So I was pretty let down with this movie. The whole premise of the game is that you are stopping an invasion from the depths of hell. Instead of demonic invasion we get a mutating virus, which is such a cop out since that theme has been played out so many times. I didn’t think the acting was as bad as critics were saying but it did suffer from the lack of a decent script. The action scenes were decent although some of the special effects could have been better. The one thing I did like was that they honestly tried to incorporate all of the different weapons from the video game into the movie. The one annoying scene was when all of a sudden it switched to full on “first person shooter mode” in an attempt to be more like the game.

So yet another video game that got turned into a disappointing movie. Watch if you want, or if you lose a bet.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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