September 30th, 2014 Movie – Alien Prey

alien prey

You know what never get’s old? Movies where an alien arrives on Earth and disguises itself as a human in order to carry out its mission. Those movies never get old and since the basic plot has an almost infinite amount of variables as to what the alien’s purpose is, there is almost no end to the number of different movies that can be made. Today’s movie, Alien Prey, is one of those movies.

The plot: An alien arrives on Earth and after killing a nearby couple, assumes the identity of the young man, Anders. He is soon taken in by a lesbian couple; Jessica, who owns the house, and her possessive lover Josephine. As Jessica begins to get fed up with Josephine’s possessive attitude, she begins to think about starting a relationship with Anders. Meanwhile, Josephine doesn’t trust Anders and suspects him of being behind the recent animal killings in the area. Josephine soon finds out that her fears were correct when she witnesses Anders eating Jessica, and she is next on the menu.

While low budget, this was an interesting movie to watch. I liked the plot and it was actually kind of funny watching Anders eating several different animals in his quest to find the perfect food source. The scene where he falls in the lake trying to catch a goose and almost drowns because he can’t swim had me laughing. I honestly thought the whole relationship angle between the two girls was kind of weak. I can understand it as being the reason to drive Jessica to be with Anders, but the execution of it was still weak. I do ave to applaud the fact that they only used three characters for the story and actually managed to get a fair amount of character development for all three in the movie.

So if you would like to watch a movie with sex and murder, then veg out to this.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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