September 13th, 2014 Movie – Deep Blue Sea

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Hello folks. Sharktoplushie here, filling in for Joey once again so you all know what that means. Yes, it means that today’s movie involves some more of my shark brethren facing off with some humans in the quest to see who is at the top of the food chain. Today’s movie is Deep Blue Sea, the 1999 film starring Samuel L. Jackson. So let’s see who the baddest M.F. really is.

The plot: In the search for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, a team of scientist have genetically engineered 3 sharks in order to harvest their brain tissue to use in their experiments. When one of the animals escapes their lab and attacks a boat, the corporationĀ financing the operation decides to send a corporate executive to investigate the facility. Once there, the scientist show him that their experiments are a success, but an accident occurs when one of the sharks severely injures one of the scientists and causing the underwater facility to flood. Now the remaining members of the crew are forced to fight for their lives as they try to make it to the surface and destroy the sharks before they get free.

Critics had some mixed reviews about this movie. Some were saying it was unoriginal and unintelligent. Others said that in a genre where movies are retreads of the predictable, Deep Blue Sea keeps you guessing. Regardless of what the critics say, this movie is ranked 14th in the highest grossing creature feature films since 1982. In fact, it is the highest rated shark movie on the list. One other thing to note is that several of these people moved on from shark movies and into the Marvel comic book movies. Thomas Zane played the Punisher in the 2004 film. Samuel L Jackson and Stellan Skarsgard found success in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” franchise, playing Nick Fury and Erik Selvig respectively.

Now I loved this film. I thought it was one of the best shark films since the original Jaws. I know some people might have something to say about plot and the CGI but let’s face it. You really don’t need much plot in a movie like this. And as for the CGI, except for a couple of scenes, the CGI was actually pretty good. One thing this movie does show is just how greedy and stupid you humans are. Since normal sharks don’t have enough of the enzymes that they needed, the scientist enlarge the brains of the sharks so that they could harvest more of the enzyme. Of course, they don’t even consider the fact that the sharks would get smarter as a result of their experiments. But the main reason why this is an awesome film is for one simple reason. We killed Samuel L. Jackson. That’s right. No matter how you look at it, that is definitely one in the win column for shark movies everywhere. Now some people might ask why we didn’t kill LL Cool J. The reason is simple. He was funny in this movie. I mean, when he finds a camera and decides to give his final thoughts, he spends it giving his recipe for the perfect omelette. The sharks were so busy laughing at that, it’s no wonder he managed to survive.

So if you would like to see some sharks scoring a win for sharks everywhere against the humans, then watch this movie.

Rating: 4 out of 5

deep blue sea


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