August 28th, 2014 Movie – The Dark Crystal

the dark crystalSo the errands I had to run this morning took way less time than I thought they would. So that leaves me with quite a bit of time to kill. So i figured, why not be productive and go ahead and do today’s movie blog. So today, well technically late last night/early this morning, I watched The Dark Crystal.

The plot: On a distant planet, the evil Skekses rule through slavery and fear. However, the time of The Great Conjunction, where the three suns align as one, is near and with it comes a prophecy.  Jen, the last of the Gelflings, has been raised by the peaceful Mystics ever since the Skekses killed his entire race. He now finds himself given a quest to find a crystal shard that can repair the Dark Crystal, or else the Skekses will rule forever.

Honestly, who doesn’t love Jim Henson. The Muppets, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock. These are a part of kids childhood from just about any generation, whether they were the parent or the child. So when Jim Henson decided to do a movie with all new characters, and even an entire new planet, kids were going to want to see it. I know I did.

I love this movie.  Probably my favorite Jim Henson movie next to The Muppet Movie. The time and effort it must have taken, not just for making new puppets, but a new landscape, must have been staggering.  I know the story may seem darker than what people were expecting but to be honest, it’s no darker than any fairy tale that is made into a movie. The Skekses are one of the scariest villains from my childhood. Man did Henson do a good job making some scary creatures.

So if you want to watch a Jim Henson movie that does not involve Kermit, Piggy, Big Bird, or the rest of the gang, definitely watch this.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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