August 26th, 2014 Movie – Cyclops

cyclopsWhen getting over a headache, it is always good to find something to relax you. For me, that is either a Godzilla movie or a cheesy sci-fi movie (yes I know they can sometimes be the same). Luckily for me, today’s movie fits my needs to a T. So to help me deal with my headache, I am watching Cyclops.

The plot: In ancient Rome, a group of travelers come across some sheep and when they grab some of them for food, they are attacked by a cyclops. When he hears about this, Emperor Tiberius sends Marcus, his bravest general, out to deal with the Cyclops. Marcus manages to capture the cyclops and brings it back to Rome, where the emperor decides to use it in the arena. When Marcus finds himself punished for insubordination, he must find a way to help both the cyclops and himself gain their freedom.

Ok. Let me give you a quick quiz on how to determine if you are watching a Syfy original movie. Let’s see. Small Budget? Check. Some non oscar worthy CGI effects and creatures? Check. Starring Eric Roberts? Definite Check. If you have all three of those then you are most likely watching a Syfy original movie. I would almost say if it stars Eric Roberts then it’s a given¬†but he has been in some other movies that are not Syfy original movies (Dark Knight anyone?). Still, you could almost dub him the king of cheesy sci-fi movies, and I do own quite a few of them.

Now this movie was decent but did not quite hit that mark where I could call it good. The story was a little unoriginal. To be honest, it seemed like someone decided to do a poor remake of Gladiator and threw in a cyclops to try and make it interesting. Then we get to the fact that they made a complete mockery of the Roman army. I mean, the Roman legion was one of the strongest military mights of the ancient world and this movie made it seemed like the elite members that guarded the emperor were made up of complete idiots. As far as the acting goes, Eric Roberts was ok in this role but everyone else seemed rather bland.

So if you want to watch a movie with a little bit of history and legend mixed in, then watch this. But don’t expect to be overwhelmed.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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