August 24th, 2014 Movie – Curse Of Lola

curse of lolaWell, it had to happen. The theme is finally broken. But just because the movie title doesn’t have an animal in it, doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Take today’s movie, Curse Of Lola, for example. I remember when I first saw this movie, I…..wait a minute. I don’t remember buying/renting this. How did I wind up with this movie. It’s a horror movie from Hong Kong so it is somewhat up my alley. Oh well. It’s mine now so let’s go ahead and watch it.

The plot: When the female lead in the dance production, Lola, is murdered under mysterious circumstances, the troupe is forced to recast the role. The lead winds up going to Tian, a talented but introverted dancer. However, as more murders occur, the other dancers become suspicious or even hostile towards Tian. To make matters worse, she is being haunted by memories from her troubled childhood. The only solace she seems to find is with her boyfriend Zhen. But as she gets sucked into the curse of her role, she begins to suspect that her boyfriend is hiding secrets of his own.

Ok. Having watched and owned several Asian films, I have to say that while this was not a terrible film, this was not quite what I was expecting. First off, I feel like it was mislabeled as far as the genre of film. This was more of a drama or suspense movie rather than a horror movie. It was very slow and somewhat confusing at times. I generally don’t mind films that are in subtitles but with this one you definitely have to pay attention or you will find yourself lost. Now this did have a couple of scenes that were good visually, such as some of the dance numbers and the final scene. But overall, I have to say that this was just too boring to keep my interest.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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